10.000 TLs award to the one who gives information

7th, 2012
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The owner of Yakamoz Restaurant, Suat Erçetin, who has been attacked and stabbed recently, says that the incident is concealed from the public.
The owner of the restaurant, Erçetin, noted that there are some people he suspected of, and stated that the attack was a way of scaring and intimidating. In the explanation he made, Erçetin said that “Last Sunday I was attacked in front of my daughter while I was getting into my car. Three days after that, the workers of our restaurant were assaulted with knives and insulted. These incidents were concealed from the public. We were unjustly treated. The situation was reported to the police we are in contact. Of course, there are some suspects. This attack was done by vicious people. For five days there are not any positive developments. This is a systematic work. The already known facts should be revealed. There is cruelty and malice here. We are aggrieved. Someone should stop all these. The malevolent people should not act this way by using public power. The bandits are now in town. The ones who have committed this crime or get it done should come up. I am going to give a ten thousand TLs award to the one that knows anything or gives information. The ones who have problems with us are well-known. ”

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