13. göcek audi race week

7th, 2012
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Turkey’s one of the largest yacht races Göcek Race Week will take place on the safe route of experience in organizing international sailing events, Med Cup being in the first place, with the contribution of Audi.
13th Göcek Race Week will be organized by Göcek Yacht Club with the contribution of Audi under the title Audi Race Week in May. Audi supports several cups around the world from Australia to Germany, main sponsor of the world’s largest and most prestigious sailing race Med Cup at the same time, now sponsors Göcek Race Week. Audi Race Week, the festiviy of the southern and western winds, will include 6 races between May 14-18, on the waters of route-rich Göcek bays and Gulf of Fethiye. 50 boats will compete for the first place, and the winner will be awarded the “Şarık TARA,May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk,Youth and Sports Cup” with an award ceremony held in D-Marin Marina in Göcek by Doğuş Group on May 18.
Oscar of the sailors will find its owner
Awarded by Göcek Yacht Club for the first time last year and accepted as the “Oscar of the World of Sailing” second of “Sailing for Life Award” will find its owner on the last night of the Audi Race Week. The goal of Göcek Yacht Club is to institutionalize this award by performing in the coming years. Gocek Yacht Club will host the opening of summer sailing season, and the sailors will get rid of all the weariness of 13.Audi Race Week with Klazz Brothers concert, who turn Classical music into jazz and Cuban rhythms with unique percussions at D-Marin Göcek Marina on May 18.

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