130 Syrian Refugees in Seydikemer Sent to Antalya

14th, 2015
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When villagers saw almost 100 Syrian refugees camping in a forest area in Sarıyer Village Toybeleni Area, they called Seydikemer District Gendarmerie Command at about 03.00 p.m. The gendarmes found 130 Syrian refugees including women and children taking a rest in the forest area. Refugees explained that they had come from Antalya to Seydikemer to work as seasonal workers in greenhouses but they could not find jobs so they were taking a rest in this area before they returned. Gendarmes asked the refugees, who said they would return to Antalya if they found a bus, to get out of the woods. On request of the gendarmes, refugees walked towards the highway of Seydikemer-Antalya.



Refugees, especially women and children walking with their bags and luggage to reach the highways, had difficulty in walking in the steep area. Those who managed to reach the road tried to help women and children climb the steep area passing them tree branches. Some refugees fell from the rocky area at this moment. Parents tried to calm their crying babies.



Having waited by the roadside of Seydikemer-Antalya Highway for awhile, refugees got on the minibuses and buses of Fethiye-Antalya and returned to Antalya.


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