2 Fingers Stitched in a Week in Fethiye

8th, 2013
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41 year old Mustafa Kemal Güven who lives in Arpacık Village of Fethiye cut the palm of his right hand while he was cutting a rope. The incident happened at 07.30 p.m. on January 10, Thursday. The patient whose middle finger, ring finger and little finger were cut was taken to Private Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital by a car. Op. Dr. Mahmut SUNAY, the Aesthetician and Plastic Surgeon who works at this hospital and is the only microsurgery expert of Muğla Region, discovered in the emergency service that the right hand little finger veins of the patient were cut and there was no bloodstream on his finger. There were also serious injuries on the right hand middle and ring fingers as well as vein and nerve damages so the patient was taken into operation immediately. The operation took almost 4 hours with the great efforts of Aesthetician and Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Mahmut Sunay and new veins were stitched. The same case was seen for the second time at the same week and this patient recovered with a successful operation like the other patient. Op. Dr. Mahmut Sunay said, “Our patient has reached our hospital within 2 hours after the injury. It was a great chance for our patient and saving the finger. There was no bloodstream on the fingers and the veins and nerves of the right hand little finger were completely cut. There were serious tendon and nerve cuts on the right hand middle and ring fingers as well. We took our patient urgently at 10.00 p.m. We stitched the little finger veins firstly to enable the bloodstream in fingers again and then operated the other two fingers. The condition of our patient is pretty well and we will discharge him soon. He will be able to use his fingers in a month.”
41 year old Mustafa Kemal Güven said, “I was very worried after this terrible accident. But after the operation of Op. Dr. Mahmut Sunay, my condition is good and I can feel my finger. I would like to thank my doctor and Esnaf Hospital who healed me again.”
Op. Dr. Mahmut SUNAY, the Aesthetician and Plastic Surgeon from Private Lokman Hekim Hospital, maintained the broken organs or fingers must have been carried in proper conditions and the patients must have been taken into an operation not later than 6 hours in these kinds of injuries and the most dramatic factor to increase the chance of bringing the patient back to life was to stitch this broken part. Op. Dr. Mahmut Sunay explained since there might have been serious bleeding in the damaged vein at the result of breaking of an organ or vein injury, the injured area must have been cushioned with pressure until he reached the health center and the blood loos must have been prevented. (FG)

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