2 Tourists Drown 15 Minutes in a Row in Fethiye

27th, 2013
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Fethiye- Fethiye’de 15 dakika arayla 2 turist boğuldu6_600x48057 year old Anthony Gissing from North Ireland and 69 year old Martin Webb from England started swimming 15 minutes in a row from 500 m to Ölüdeniz District and lost their lives. The first incident happened at about 03.30 p.m. at Belcekiz Beach of Ölüdeniz. Anthony Gissing who came from North Yorkshire to Fethiye with his 55 year old wife Enid Gissing for holiday started swimming to get cool. While he was swimming from 5 m to the shore, his wife saw Gissing unconscious in the water after a while. The coast guard of Belcekiz Beach immediately responded Gissing and took him to the beach. 112 Emergency Service teams with ATV motor who were on charge on the beach also carried out the first response. Anthony Gissing was taken into the ambulance of 112 Emergency Service after 10 minute heart massage and his treatment started at Private Letoon Hospital. The paramedics applied heart massage on Gissing for 20 minutes but he could not be saved.
At the moment Anthony Gissing was being taken to the hospital by the ambulance, another drowning news came from the world famous Kumburnu Beach of Ölüdeniz next to Belcekiz Beach. Martin Webb who came from Stockport, UK to Ölüdeniz District of Fethiye 5 days ago for holiday started swimming at about 03.30 after sunbathing all day with his partner Sylvia Lawman. It was claimed that Webb had drunk alcohol before swimming in the sea and was seen unconscious in the water. The beach staff took Webb out of the sea to the beach and 112 Emergency Service teams with ATV motor applied the first response. 112 Emergency Service teams came to the scene and took Webb to Private Letoon Hospital where he lost his life. Martin Webb did not respond to the heart massage taking an hour and died. Anthony Gissing and Martin Webb who drowned and lost their lives 15 minutes in a row in Ölüdeniz were taken to the hospital morgue. The gendarmerie has started an investigation for the incidents. The bodies of Gissing and Webb were sent to Muğla Forensic Medicine Institution by a hearse after the examination of the Chief Public Prosecutor. It is noted that the investigation continues.

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