2 ultra marathons ın 2012

23rd, 2011
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The first ultra marathon of Turkey “Lycian Way Ulthra Marathon” will be run on historical Lycian Way again. “Lycian Way Ulthra Marathon” is an international organization, based on endurance.The second of ultra marathon is organized by Argos Arts and Culture, and it will be run on September 24-October 2 2011.

The route of the Lycian Way Ultramarathon, which is officially supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is aiming to host many athletes from different countries all over the world, is arranged by Prof. Dr. Taner Damcı who has already completed three world-wide known ultramarathons and also performs as the race consultant.

The Lycian Way is also unique with its natural texture as well as its historical characteristics. Different tones of green meet the most beautiful seaside of Turkey. The 240 km long racecourse is going to be run in 6 days.(consists of 6 laps, a single lap per a day)The racecourse is almost half of the ancient 509 km long Lycian Way. The historical background of Lycian Way is about 3000 years.It harbored many civilizations for centuries which left marvellous ruins such as; ancient cities, castles, and, amphitheatres. The participants will run through a historical journey and also will share mystic experiences of midnight campfires.


Companies are invited to compete in this challenging marathon which includes issues such as strategic thinking, motivation and personal development. On the last three days of marathon “Corporate ultra-marathon races” will be run. These races will offer the opportunity to develop team spirit and an extraordinary experience.


A new route will be added to ultra-marathons in 2012. With “Runfire Cappadocia” it will take place in Cappadocia which is integrated with history and unique beauty of nature.  Each track will turn into a separate adventure and the unbearability of running in the heat of the desert will be experienced. As of 2011, applications are opened to join this challenging fight.

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