2 wounded, 1 dead in paragliding accidents

22nd, 2012
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With the start of the tourism season, paragliding accidents also have started to occur. Two tourists, one Portuguese and one Russian,  had a close brush with death while paragliding, and a Russian tourist died as a result of an uncontrolled flight.

30-year-old Portuguese tourist Sergio Tavaros Da Silva lost control of his parachute and fell down to the sea off Belcekız Beach. Sergio Tavaros Da Silva who came to Ölüdeniz for holiday made a solo jump from 1700 m. take off at Babadağ. Da Silva, who lost control of the parachute at the height of 300 meters due to the wind, began to fall swirling. He fell down to the sea about 1 km off Belcekız Beach, and he survived a lethal hit by opening his reserve parachute at the very last minute. The rescue boat waiting by the beach immediately reached Da Silva after the fall, and picked him out of water. Da Silva, in shock, was taken to the shore and then to the Fethiye State Hospital with 112 Emergency ambulance. He was pronounced fine and discharged.

Russian Woman Tourist Fell Down From 70 Meters With Her Parachute

Russian woman fell from 70 meters soon after she jumped from Babadağ. Luckily, she escaped the accident with some broken bones. According to news, 27-year-old Victoria Myzina came to Ölüdeniz with her friends both for a holiday and for paragliding. She climbed Babadağ to jump from 1700 m. take off. Soon after she jumped, she lost control of her parachute and started to fall. By chance, she fell on a tree and was rescued by other paragliders and the rescue team of Babadağ. She was immediately sent to Fethiye State Hospital by 112 emergency ambulance and it was found out that she had broken her left arm. An investigation was started by Gendarmerie. Myzina said that she was having paragliding education for 3 years and the accident was her fault. She added “As soon as I recover, I will be back to Ölüdeniz to fly like birds.”

Russian Tourist Dies Paragliding

Russian holiday maker paragliding at Geyran Mount in Üzümlü fell to the forest area around Kızılbel. Russian Alexander Bulaton climbed Geyran Mount with his friends for paragliding. Things went wrong for Bulaton during his flight and and he fell to the forest area at Kızılbel. He was severely injured and his friends called the 112 emergency ambulance to take him to Fethiye State Hospital. Sadly, he died on his way to hospital. An investigation was started upon his death by Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Gendarmerie, and his body was sent to İzmir Forensic Medicine Institute.

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