4 Wheel Chairs for the Disabled

16th, 2012
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Philanthropic citizens living in Fethiye keep helping disabled. Nurten-Seçkin Vanel couple donated 4 wheel chairs to Fethiye House Volunteers.
Fethiye House Volunteers had given out 30 electric wheelchairs via Fethiye Association on Mental Retardation and many wheelchairs. This time, Nurten-Seçkin Vanel and their daughter Selin and her husband Okan donated 4 wheelchairs. The chairs were delivered to 60-year-old Safinaz Şenyüz, 58-year-old Halil İbrahim Zengin and 40-year-old Kadir Can. The last chair was handed to Necdet Yaman, Chair of Fethiye Association on Mental Retardation, to be given to a needy citizen.
Nesrin Saatçi, one of Fethiye House Volunteers and wife to Mayır Behçet Saatçi said “We build a bridge between the disabled and the philanthropics, and deliver the donated electric chairs and wheelchairs to the needy as we have done with the donation of Nurten-Seçkin Vanel couple. We are thankful to our donators and to Seda Köktener who delivers the chair to us. We will keep supporting our disabled citizens and support education.”
Donator Seçkin Vanel said “We wanted to serve as a model here. We wanterd to pioneer the citizens who would like to donate. We are very happy and content with what we have done.”
Necdet Yaman, Chair of Fethiye Association on Mental Retardation said “We are thankful to Nurten-Seçkin couple for ntheir sensitivity. In addition, we are thankful to Nesrin Saatçi who helps us continuously and delivers all the donations. Besides her donations, we all know her support and contribution for those with Down’s Syndrome. My deep aprreciation goes to her on behalf of our association, too.”

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