A breathtaking Bomb Drill

26th, 2012
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The emergency services got a telephone call with the news that a bomb had been planted on the ferry Aegean Queen in Fethiye harbour, and the 2 bombs were disabled with an operation in a style reminiscent of the reality. The operation was organized by Fethiye Port Authority and the scenario was that terrorists had planted a bomb somewhere on Aegean Queen. Following the 155 call, the police, army, the fire department, coastguard and the bomb squad arrived at the scene. Police teams removed the passengers on board to a safe zone. After some time the device was eventually found in a waste bin and in the cargo hold. The bomb disposal squad disarmed the device and in the meantime in another part of the ship Strawberry the police sniffer dog found a package containing 5 kg of cannabis.
Officials told the press that all in all it was a successful days training and they are confident that things can be handled properly in the event of e real alert. Fethiye Harbour Manager Galip Avcı said “By application of the international ship and port security code, we are obliged to perform a drill every 18 months. According to SOLAS-74 agreement, we have performed this drill. As a result of these exercises that will take place every 18 months, port of the security level has been measured and the regulations to be made were determined. I would like to thank all the agencies, especially County Police Department in Fethiye. It was an extremely successful operation.”

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