A Committe Against Spruikers is at Work While Tourists Shop in Fethiye

11th, 2012
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Controls against business owners who try to attract tourists by shouting, pulling their arms or even by acts of harassment are in progress.
Teams from Fethiye Anti-Spruiker Council which was established within Fethiye District Governorate are engaged in the continuous controls against spruikers which also leads to unfair competition between businesses.
No Tolerance for Spruikers
Teams give no respite to spruikers and the tradesmen who violate the rules of hygiene at Tuesday Market. Tradesmen who tried to violate the rules were fined. In the last month , the teams checked over 500 businesses and more than 200 were fined in Fethiye and surroundings. It is reported that these controls will be in progress night and day, and every business owner should obey the rules.

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