A Cup Of Mushroom Soup At Mushroom Festival

7th, 2012
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People who attended Morel Mushroom Festival at Yeşil Üzümlü were offered mushroom soup cooked in a cauldron, and wood-fired oven. Citizens have found mushroom soup very tasty and all soup has gone very quickly. There was confluence by the cauldron and people competed with each other to get to taste a cup of mushroom soup. The booths were set up on the street of houses with bay windows at Yeşil Üzümlü and the locals exhibited their hand woven dastars to the visitors. Everybody enjoyed the funfair atmosphere of Yeşil Üzümlü and 60 year old Libaze Kuru, who has been weaving for almost forty years said “We try to make our living by selling our dastar which reflects the culture of the region. We learned this weaving from our ancestors and will try to keep the tradition by teaching it to today.”

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