A First Spring Experience in Fethiye.

16th, 2012
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As my ever rhapsodic digital spirit in this analogous body endeavors to cope with the totally new environment, on-line and off-line worlds seem to be nested in and tangent with each other.

Sure, we live in the “Very Real” beauty of Fethiye and we all are feeling like spring, hopeful and happy heart. Since I halted my caravan here, I ask myself often; how much do I miss the busy life in a resort town? Although, I must stress I do not miss the past and I don’t long for the ones lost. My online world in comparison to the real life in Fethiye is part of the Global Village, where we flaunt relentlessly our personal spiritual garbage and be “Social”. We feel empowered by the digital revolution, wherein the individual in us is stimulated. “We create,” “we develop,” and “we own” our achievements and right to assert our ownership of what we create.

The real life, the off-line, whereas is more attritional. The real life is harsher and more abrasive simply because it is real! Don’t we in real life suffer the garbage of the ignorant, flippant, impudent, rapacious, vulgar, arrogant, smart aleck, vile humans?

The Intellectual perspective did not always get me through the pains of living in real life. Alas, in comparing the on-line world with the off-line real world of Fethiye, I seem to have only two options. Should I turn into altruism and face the real world or stay in the insulated venality of internet bubble? After all, Internet made possible cultural exchange without having to actually physically be there, living in another language.

It is argued that in reality we must physically share in order to understand each other. However, sharing in a real world is a challenging concept. The notion of self actually ranks high on our agenda. So I see it could be argued that sharing on internet is less damaging! Maybe I should mix altruism with the self-serving scope of online world, carefully chose where I contribute and do as much as I am capable of, look after my own needs so as to do good for much longer.

With the above asphyxiating thoughts gurgling in my brain I look out of my window to see the light green, young leaves of the raspberries, the joyfully colorful tulips, peach, pear, apricot, orange and lemon blossoms. Each blossom is a new beginning forcing itself out of the long sleeping bark. I can hear the cries of seagulls in the distance. Scent of blossoming oranges waft up through the window. The sound of wind in tree tops has replaced the swish of waves. My mind ventures further a field, the sight of young farm animals frolicking about the idyllic fields, birds foraging on the ground, the gardens ablaze with daisies, roses, azaleas, daffodils and wild flora is an incredible experience and exhilaration is abundant in nature. It is not so much I enjoy the spring any more than others but, it is the window of opportunity for me to extraordinary sensations. Just a delightful real world…

Tired old barges and boat taxies, tour boats are being carefully cared for and prepared for the new season for Tourists. Wooden gulets, all varnished wood, gleaming brass and soaring cream sails have already began to gather in the warm waters. Soon the exhibitions and performances, markets, beaches, promenades, streets, pools, apartments, camp sites will come alive with a steady trickle of tourists and relatives of residents and migrants. Blinded by unfamiliar sunshine tourists with fake ray ban eyewear, looking pale and exposed as peeled apples will begin walking the streets of Fethiye. Most of them not natural summer dressers, people will shed their layers one at a time, like snakes, and when the weather is not shy anymore they will end up looking pale and exposed as peeled fruit.

Stubbornly though, most early tourists persist on putting what they think is a convincingly brave face, despite the chilling affect of spring evenings. Soon the season will start and some will look like killjoy in their attire and yet some will be all about joie de vivre, looking gorgeous in full-beam sunlight.

Many first-time visitors expect the city to be kitsch, but then, novelty is never ending on these shores. So, I can foresee a future Fethiye losing yesterdays sparkles to make way for ever more extravagant replacements. A few years ago, when living in the sun was for fantasy, nice little villas and beach fronts mushroomed along the coast; next came a craze for constructing entire sites; and the current trend is for high-end properties that attempt to connect the fine line between outright ostentation and “elegant” sophistication.

So the slightly heretic grass hoper says; the more two individuals share genes (kinship) the more likely they are to behave selflessly with each other.

Until the migratory birds of Fethiye construct more kinship with the “natives”, we will continue to have an online and an off-line world. Where I belong is just a symbolic answer to the struggle of thinking minds that are living a life of ubiquity.

On-Line life is a good catharsis for me, albeit in the smallest of circles, and I simply record. There is no requirement, demand or rule forcing me to sign up to a social contract. Meanwhile, there are many written and unwritten rules within the real world, which is not at all itsy bitsy! I am still undecided as to whether living in a cyber world is better than believing what D.H Lawrence suggests “… when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don’t know ourselves. Cool, undying life will rush in.”

After all what is life about? To succeed…with attitude! I think I will try not to ever cross the ocean without loosing the sight of land. The land of real life.

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