A Fraud Event Just Like A Comedy Movie

26th, 2011
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The groom drugged to sleep on his wedding night woke up to find that the bride had run away with everything he owned. The birde was arrested after a 2 months pursuit.

In Fethiye, a 43-year-old pit man who has been working for years and saving for his dream marriage has lost everything he had on his wedding night. The groom was drugged by his bride on their night of wedding, and when he woke up, to his disappointment, he found out that the bride had run away with all his saved money. Realizing that he was ripped off, he filed a criminal complaint for the bride. The police chased the bride for two months and arrested her to send her to the court.

According to news, pit man H.Ö. talked to H.Ç. and put himself in for E.Ç. He was told that he could meet E.Ç. if he pays money to H.Ç. (42) for her debts. H.Ö. did not know that E.Ç. was, in fact, daughter of H.Ç. Making a deal, H.Ö. bought everything the bride asked from him, spending for about 15 thousand liras. Just before the wedding night, he gave her an additional 2 thousand liras. More is the pity, the bride drugged him on their wedding night and ran away with all the jewelry and the money.

It was reported that E.Ç. was from Denizli, and she made 2 more similar weddings before. She was arrested after a 2 months pursuit and accused of fraud with the promise of marriage. Police is now after E.Ç’s mother.

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