A Real Istanbul Lady

7th, 2012
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“I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don’t need.”

R. Rodin


When I first saw Cafe Veranda, I remembered how Rodin had described his works. I said, that’s it. Not everything or many things, that is something. Café Veranda is a unique option at the coastline for people who want to spend a special and quiet day-night chatting with their friends, wives or husbands without nothing distracting around them. The owners Ebru Kaçel and Burak Kara are originally from Istanbul. They have come to live in Fethiye a few years ago. Let’s hear the rest of the story from Ebru Kaçel:


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

We have been living in Fethiye for almost 5 years now. We used to have wholesale food business that we imported frozen food. We still carry on importing water and coffee and have stopped importing other products for now and reduced the business a little. Now we are carrying out food service section!


What can you tell us about your concept?

We wanted to bring here an active-dynamic bistro style which is used mostly in big cities for almost 10 years as a concept. We thought it was too early for Fethiye to join a chain of trade mark, however we noticed Fethiye was open for this style now. We tried to open a place where we can carry on the same concept at every hour in night and day with a little ambiance and where people prefer to come when they want to go out dressing up elaborately under a brand. We have already used café—bar-brassiere with the name of Veranda.


Is there any kind of food that you especially wanted to add to your menu?

I can say there are a few. We have picked our salads, pastas and burgers very strongly and carefully considering our concept of course. Besides, we have added meat dish on our menu as we also wanted to serve dinner. Our dinner options mostly include wine and meat. For example, we don’t have raki on our menu. We serve it to people who ask for it of course, but we don’t especially bring it forward. Raki requires a different format. Some places present it very well in Fethiye. We don’t have buffet brunch. We serve mixed breakfast. The options are very abundant on the breakfast dish. I can guarantee it is a complete substitute for buffet brunch!


Will there be any special evening-nights-programs at Veranda?

Actually we haven’t planned such things in the beginning. Live music is already everywhere, at every place. We wanted our style to be different in every aspect. That’s why we haven’t included live music into our program. However, we may add music styles like blues and jazz later if we want to offer live music in the future. There is no such program right now.

I say “our differences.”  We are the only place that does not have a table on the coast on the coastline for example. The reason of this is to make our guests feel special at dinner. After all, the coastline is a walking platform. We wanted to be far from the walking area. Yet, we have full scenery.


Is there anything you would like to add…

We think Fethiye has deserved better and more now. We have done our best. We hope Fethiye will love and adopt our place.

We would like to congratulate the couple Ebru Kaçel and Burak Kara for this elaborately picked, elegantly designed and wonderful place and wish good luck to Veranda Café.



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