Amateur fıshermen collect sıgnatures

23rd, 2011
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Amateur Fishermen’s and Seamen’s Association of Fethiye launched a signature campaign against the dug up and sale of crustaceans such as shrimp and mammon used as fish feed for commercial purposes in the Gulf of Fethiye, rivers and streams. At the end of the campaign which will continue for a week, the collected signatures will be sent to relevant ministries.

Fethiye citizens also took part at the signature campaign launched by Amateur Fishermen’s and Seamen’s Society, and President of the association Emin Bozkurt said that the dug up and commercial sale of crustaceans in the Gulf of Fethiye, rivers and streams ruined the flora and fauna of the sea and they had to launch this campaign  in order to take measures for the future. President Bozkurt said “The law that protects the environment and the natural world is obvious, however, inability of institutions to provide  coordination, lack of knowledge of the relevant departments and other institutions result in insufficiency to protect the environment and wildlife. The dug up and commercial sale of crustaceans in the Gulf of Fethiye, rivers and streams has the simplest solution, but a kind which can not be solved. The destruction is a blow to the natural chain of life, and that’s why we launched this campaign. We were unable to enforce Fisheries Law of No.1380,  Article 17 and  Clause 5 . Our petition and the collected signatures during our signature campaign will be sent to relevant ministries.”

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