Animal Aid.

30th, 2012
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The Animal Aid charity and its willing volunteers have been working hard over the last few years raising funds and providing support to the busy Fethiye Animal shelter. Prime aims of Animal Aid are: 1. Fundraising to support the neutering and return of street cats and dogs in the Fethiye area. 2. Purchasing supplies to aid the Animal Shelter. 3. Provide advice and guidance regarding the welfare of street cats and dogs in the Fethiye area. Over the past couple years they have raised money to feed the cats and dogs at the Animal Shelter, which is an ongoing expense, also they have provided beds and bedding for every kennel at the shelter, along with toys, collars, leads and sunshades etc. As their fund raising increased they have been able to carry out more in the way of helping the street cats and dogs around the Fethiye area. Giving them veterinary care that they require. It is not just the cats and dogs that they help, a donkey was found somewhere to live out the rest of his days in comfort. Some horses broke out of their paddock and a search party was organised, with one animal aider going up in the skies to help the search from above, they were found after several days of tracking and are now safely back at their paddock. Primarily it is the street cats and dogs they care for, but any animal in distress they will try, and if possible, will help. The shelter if funded mostly by the fundraising efforts of Animal Aid plus additional support from the Fethiye Belediye (Council). Animal Aid supply all of the dry food for cats and dogs plus some medications and cleaning materials as and when needed. They also supply the shelter with soft food for the young animals, beds, bedding, heating, plastic curtains for the cattery, water/feeding bowls, sunshades for the puppies and toys. The fundraising comes from various events including car boot sales, table top sales, fayres such as the planned Easter Fayre, themed party nights, wii nights, sponsored events and donations from the loyal followers. Donations can be made direct to the shelter collection box in the centre, at the FETAV office in Fethiye near the Post Office or direct to Animal Aid at any of their events. The charity also take donations of goods that can be used in their sales or tombolas including clothes, bric-a-brac and household goods. Their support has now expanded even further with a new facility on their website that aims to play match-maker and join owners with new pets. Andy Trent, one of the founders and volunteers of the charity said: “The section ‘Animals Needing a Home’ provides potential owners with pictures and brief information about the animals in the centre that are looking for a permanent home. The website is a fairly new addition to Animal Aid and is slowly being built up with new features, re-homing being one of them, the website will be up-dated on a regular basis as there is a fairly quick turnover of animals at the shelter especially the younger dogs and cats. The website is just one of the many ways we try to match potential owners with pets.” If you would like to contact Animal Aid their phone number is 0534 777 3926 or you can contact them via email

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