Austrian woman is drowned on her wedding day

26th, 2011
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An Austrian woman who came to Fethiye to marry her Turkish fiance was drowned when she jumped to swim in the harbour.
53-year-old Austrian Christine Hornicek applied to Fethiye Public Registration Office to marry her Turkish fiance. It was noon time and very hot, so she wanted to swim in the harbour while she was waiting for her papers to be sorted despite the citizens telling her she should not swim in the harbour. She swam approximately 100 meters when she had difficulties. Hasan Alnak, a young man in a boat by the shore saw her and jumped into the sea. Together with his friends, they brought the woman ashore. They tried hard to resuscitate her but they failed. The ambulance arrived in 10 minutes, and cardiac massage was applied several times, yet, they were all fruitless efforts. She was pronounced dead at the State Hospital.
He Watched The Death Of His Bride
İsmet Yalçuk who witnessed the death of his bride-to-be while he was waiting for their papers to be sorted was in great shock.
Hasan Alnak who jumped into the sea to save Christine said “I saw her attemt to swim and told her the water is dirt in the harbour, and it was not a good idea to swim there. She ignored me and swam for about 100 meters. Then I saw her in trouble. I jumped to save her, and we brought her ashore, but we could not save her. I’m so sorry.”
Public Prosecutor and the Police Department in Fethiye are investigating the incident.

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