Authorıtıes Wıll Take Actıon Agaınst Tourısts Who Let Out Theır Houses

10th, 2012
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Foreigners who lease their own houses in Turkey illegally and tax free and derive an improper benefit will be clamped down.

The problem of businesses in the tourism sector who complain about foreign property owners boarding their homes to tourists  was moved on the agenda of the Assembly by CHP Muğla Deputy Nurettin Demir.

Nurettin Demir told to Minister Erdoğan Günay “Foreigners who buy property at the coastal resorts of Turkey such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye are leasing their houses. They introduce their clients as if they are their friends or relatives and then do business deriving tax free and illegal profit. Do you think of taking a measure for these foreign boutique homes and fake relatives increasing day by day?”

According to news, Minister of Tourism Ertuğrul Günay said that they will not tolerate the foreigners who provide a revenue stream out of their holiday homes in Turkey. Ministry of Tourism and Culture will be watching closely who lease their holdiay homes illegally. The Ministry has found out that a large number of British and German citizens who purchased property in popular resorts such as Çesme, Fethiye and Didim use their holiday homes as boarding houses and lease them to tourists whom they introduce as friends or relatives. Minister Ertuğrul Günay said they will work in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance against these home owners and will not allow them make such type of unfair profits.

Minister Günay said he received such complaints himself, too. “I know very well that this issue is a serious problem we have to deal with. Our ministry as well as the Ministry of Finance will be after these people. Citizen of a foreign country buys a holiday house in and uses  it as an informal board tax-free. We will never allow such a practice which is against tourism industry in Turkey and will be watching closely.”

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