Bicycle Roads Reach 4.46 Km

27th, 2013
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bisiklet yolları (2)The Municipality of Muğla continues extending the roads for bicycles. The bicycle road started being constructed in 2010 has been extended in sections and reached 4.46 km.

Gökçen Kasapoğlu, The Municipality of Muğla, City Planning and Urbanization Directorate Healthy Towns Project Coordinator and City Planner, said, “The Bicycle Roads Project which is to surround the town like a net will contribute to both human and environmental health.”  Kasapoğlu maintained that Muğla Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün made a great effort for bicycle roads and bicycle riding and said, “The total length of our bicycle roads whose arrangements continue in order to make our town safer and more active will reach 21.444 km. Bicycle road building works have started being built at the city centre and reached 4.46 km so far. After the bicycle roads are completed, the motor vehicle traffic in the city will be less and we aim at building a pedestrian and bicycle based road transportation system.”

City Planner Gökçen Kasapoğlu also said that a bicycle route was built using traffic signs considering the natural structure of Karabağlar Mountain Resort as Karabağlar whose total length was 8.6 km in total was Urban and 3rd Degree Natural Protection Area. Kasapoğlu went on to explain that, “The mentioned route includes Kırkahvesi Area, Kadıkahvesi Area, Bakkallar Area, Hacıahmet Area, Süpüroğlu Area and passes through the main transportation shaft Keyfoturağı Café, Berberler Café, Afife Pit and makes a ring at Lime Industry Crossroad.”

Muğla Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün stated, “We are trying to support the use of bicycles in order to contribute to both environmental health and physical health of the people of Muğla. Bicycle roads whose project still continues will surround the city like a net. When it is finished, its length will reach 21.444 km and thanks to the bicycle road, the people of our city and children will ride bikes safer.”


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