Big investment in infrastructure

25th, 2012
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In the press conference he made after the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 that occurred recently, the mayor, Behçet Saatçi, stated that there is no need to worry. Yesterday he followed the municipality works done in six neighbourhoods. The mayor examined many places from the third stage promenade to Menteşoğlu district and from the city square, which will be opening very soon and will change the outlook of the town, to Çatalarık district. Saatçi stated that they attach special importance to infrastructure.
The infrastructure going on in Ovacık Bridge
The mayor of Fethiye, Behçet Saatçi, and the deputy mayor Mehmet Yılmaz Cesur and the Manager of Technical Services Department of the municipality were on the field. Saatçi who examined the infrastructure going on in the 15 districts of Fethiye on their spots personally, he emphasized the significance of infrastructure. Saatci’s first stop was the drainage work that is still continuing on the Ovacık Bridge in the Baha Şıkman Street of Taşyaka district. Saatçi, who was welcomed with the warmest and greatest interest of the shop owners, announced that a 600 metre long rain drainage line is going to be built and the road construction will follow.
The infrastructure of Menteşoğlu District
The mayor, Saatçi who made a speech in 2009 local elections in Menteşoğlu District of Fethiye promised rain drainage and drainage systems. In this frame, the first stage drainage infrastructure and the paving of the streets in the district were completed. While in first stage of Meteşoğlu district, about a thousand metre long infrastructure is opened to use, in the second stage the paving works are still going on. Saatçi who made some examinations in this district, the second stage of the district is going to be opened to use very soon.
Striking main road and parking places in Çatalarık
Saatçi carried on his tour in Çatalarık district. The width of the district and the roadside stopping places attracted attention and it was explained that the problems of infrastructure has come to end on this line. The directorship of parks and gardens announced to plant flowers and trees in this district.
Floods left in the history on the Eğri Köprü(Bridge).
The building and construction of 35.3 metre long and 15 metre wide Eğri Köprü which is on Mut Stream (Foça Stream) and blocked by the flood after every downpour is very close to the end. While the works of bridge are going on speedily, the mayor Saatçi visited the region of the Bridge. He also commented on the bridge that binds a part of Çalış Beach, called the bird sanctuary, and said that it is put into service.
Frantic work in the port: places boat can approach
Saatçi did not skip the 3th Stage promenade and examined the works in the boat approaching places for the fishermen on the Yunus Nadi avenue. This region which is called D10 canal, the building of retaining wall is still going on. Saatçi went on his tour in the 3th Stage promenade. Saatçi who walked through a 1700 metres area and declared that the infrastructure will be completed in this area first and the construction of the promenade will start subsequently. Saatçi was welcomed enthusiastically by the residents in this district, too. Saatçi who examined the arrangements of the Uğur Mumcu Park and the project of Fethiye city square with Deputy Mayor, Metin Talaş, said that the work is going on speedily in the area.
In short Fethiye Muicipality at work
After visiting the work areas Saatçi answered the journalists’ questions. He stated that they don’t stop because of the earthquake, and continued that “The infrastructural works speedily. We started works on the roads from Ovacık Bridge to Taşyaka District. The works in Menteşoğlu district is almost totally completed. The street paving work in the Çatalarık district is almost complete. In a month, we are going to open the bridge called Eğri Köprü (bent bridge) by the local people that we straightened. We opened the bridge called “Bird bridge” by the people who uses it to reach to the sea. In the third stage promenade, the construction of D10 canal is going on speedily. Moreover, the region in-between the promenade and high way, the municipality does not only build promenade. It constructs the infrastructure, rain water drainage canals and the paving. When these works are completed, the paving is going to start. In short, we are going on to turn Fethiye upside down.”

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