Boat Owners Protest

24th, 2014
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tekneciler isyanThe boat yard issue, which is one of the unsolved problems of Fethiye for years, came to the fore again, however it left the store owners at dockyard on a tight spot. The problem is getting bigger since the boat owners could not bring their boats to the boat yard and store owners protested. Due to the zoning status of the current boat yard, there are several problems at the dockyard where most boats and yachts are sent for renovation in Fethiye. Nearly 3500 boats are taken to the dockyard for maintenance and many big boats are manufactured here. The store owners and workers at the dockyard requested Karaot project to be implemented as soon as possible. “Don’t touch my boat yard, don’t threaten our jobs. We got unemployed. The dockyard cannot be closed. We want Karaot boatyard project. Don’t let the boats rust. Sea tourism takes on water” were some of the slogans and banners used by boat owners who demanded solution from authorities and politicians as soon as possible. Bülent Taşan made a speech on behalf of the store owners at dockyard: “From now on, we are not bringing our boats and yachts to our boat yards. We won’t carry out their maintenance because they do not send us surveys. As we are told that survey permits cannot be given, we do not pull the boats. I am also a yacht manager. I have a yacht but I cannot bring it to the coast. They tell me that I cannot do it and my yacht is currently at the sea. I have been waiting to bring it to the coast. But it is obvious that the current place has no building permission due to the regulation. Based on the regulation, no boat can be brought here. Temporary operating permission has been given in recent years. We are told that we are allowed to operate this place temporarily until Karaot project is completed. We have the written permission. So according to this permit, we have been bringing our boats for maintenance here.”

Taşan explained 3500 boats were brought to the dockyard for maintenance and repair but these maintenances could not be done anymore. “We think 10 thousand people earning their life with this dockyard will be affected by this situation. The industry, hardware stores, painters, equipment sellers are not included in this. 10 thousand workers working on 3500 boats are directly affected.”

Şaban Arıkan, the President of Fethiye Sea Chamber of Commerce, stated, “We have been struggling against these issues of seamen for years. However, our projects have never been implemented. Our businessmen related to sea tourism have no patience any more. We have friends from every sector including industry, painting, and yachting. Our citizens are desperate because current places have been closed. All administrators having temporary permits will be closed in 2015.  Ministry of Maritime Affairs announced they would not carry out surveys as precautions, which means that all dockyard manufacturing shops will be closed. None of our friends are able to work legally right now. Even if they make the maintenance of their stores, they will not be able to get survey service. So neither these boats will be sold nor will they be managed for tourism because they have to get survey permit and certificate of sea worthiness to work legally.”


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