Bodies To Be Left To Medical Research

26th, 2012
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This may appear to be an odd subject to write about but this is for those who may want to consider doing the same as us or for those who are interested in obtaining Organ Donor Cards?
When we had been here about 1 year we decided that the sensible thing to do was to make a Turkish will. We did not think this would be such a problem and went along to Atak Translation Services in Fethiye to speak with Koray Atak and his wife Güneş. The content of the will was quickly sorted but then came what to do with our bodies after our death? I certainly did not want to put my husband or family to great expense.
However, my logical mind was in disagreement with my emotions, I had made my mind up at a very early age that I wished to be cremated. As we know this is not possible in Turkey.
The background to my thinking and decision was this: I was brought up living in a Cemetery Lodge, my father being a Crematorium and Cemetery registrar. I was also a trained nurse and had throughout my nursing career like all nurses had to deal with death and bodies. I just didn’t fancy the idea of burial. In fact if the truth be known I had always felt the urge to be burnt on an open pyre! That definitely was not going to happen.
Well, Koray Atak was at a loss of how to help. It didn’t help that my husband actually given a choice would prefer to be left on a high ledge in the mountains, even more of a problem! We live up in the mountains but I can’t imagine my Turkish neighbours, who are so helpful, helping me with this issue if my husband was to die first.
During this time Güneş Atak was arranging to go with us to the Devlet Hospital to pick up Organ Donor Cards. This started me thinking; why not donate all of my body to Medical research after they have removed any organs that might help others? I didn’t want to influence Ray my husband, but he also thought this was a good idea. The Atak’s contacted Muğla University Medical Faculty Anatomy Department and obtained the required forms to be filled to donate our bodies to their faculty. After much research by them and the necessary forms we went along to the Devlet Hospital in Çalış to have the forms signed by a Doctor as this is mandatory for anyone wishing to do this.
The Organ Donor cards were easily sorted out, they were filled in and given to us that afternoon. However, we needed to make another trip back to have our forms signed by a Doctor as they wished to do some checking up on this procedure before we all signed the forms. We were told we were the first people in the area that they knew of to have offered to do this.
Recently we read in The Sun Express how a British Organ Donor helped Turkish people after her death, and the fact that there are far less organ donors here than in the UK. So even if you don’t feel like you wish to leave your body to medical research please do think about helping to save lives after your death by obtaining and carrying an Organ Donor Card.
Thank you, Rosie (

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