British tourist with a torn aorta was revived

26th, 2011
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British tourist who came to Fethiye with his wife and son for a holiday suffered a traumatic aortic rupture, and was taken to Antalya An-Deva Life Heart Hospital with an air ambulance to have an operation.
53-year-old Kevin Killengray who works at Telecom in UK collapsed in Fethiye where he was on holiday with his family. His heart stop beating, however, he was resuscitated with cardiac massages at the hospital. After a diagnostic exam, a traumatic aortic rupture was detected, and An-Deva Life Heart Hospital was called in need of a surgery.
His Heart Stopped Again
He was taken to An-Deva Life Heart Hospital with an air ambulance where his heart stopped again. After a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, he was taken to a cardiac surgery for the replacement of his aortic valve. With the application of rare “cabrol technique” the patient was successfully treated. Just before his discharge from the hospital, the English patient celebrated his recovery with a cake at the hospital.
A T-Shirt Was Gifted
Cardiovascular Surgeons Dr. Mustafa Kar and Dr. Şahin Kapan said that the patient is getting better, and Killengray was gifted a t-shirt on which the photos of his doctor and himself printed.

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