Bungee Jumping with Prosthetic Leg

14th, 2015
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David Sugden, 46, came from England to Fethiye for holiday. He did bungee jumping with his new prosthetic leg which he got 3 months ago after he lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident.

David Sugden has got his prosthetic leg 15 days ago just after the accident he had in England. Sugden came to Fethiye as soon as his treatment was completed. Adrenaline addict tourist went to bungee jumping centre in Ovacık District.


Tied the Rope on his Waist

Sugden went to the platform placed on 50 m high with a flexible rope that he tied around his waist. With the instruction of Bülent Demirtan, the bungee jumping organizer, Sugden was left to air and his jump was recorded with an action camera.


‘I’ve Got Used to it quickly’

David Sugden said he had a motorcycle accident 3 months ago and lost his left leg. He has begun using a prosthetic leg 15 days ago. Sugden explained he wanted to do bungee jumping as he loved adrenaline and excitement and he managed to do it with his prosthetic leg: “I’ve got used to my prosthetic leg quickly. I can swim in the swim and in the pool. I can even do sports activities.”

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