Cable car project starts wıth the new year

15th, 2011
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It was claimed that the cable car project Babadağ, one of the world’s most popular paragliding center would begin at the beginning of 2012.
Fethiye Power Union Tourism, Promotion& Trade Co., Ltd. which was established in Fethiye by Chamber of Commerce and Industry had won the tender to administrate Babadağ Cable Car Project and Picnic Area for 5 years, and it is reported that work for setting up the cable car is aimed to start from the beginning of the year. It was learned that the firm has a positivie look on 3 offers from abroad on the issue, and the project work was almost brought to the final stage.
A coctail was organized on 1700 m. take off by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce with the participation of Muğla Governor Fatih Şahin, Justice and Development Party Muğla MP Ali Boğa, Republican People’s Party Muğla MPs Nurettin Demir and Ömer Suha Aldan, Fethiye Kaimakam Mehmet Ali Karatekeli, department chiefs, representatives of civil society organizations and political parties.
The Chairman of FTSO, Akif Arıcan said “99% of Babadağ belongs to our Chamber and it is quite safe. Babadağ plays a significant role in the promotion of our region. Our aim is to promote and familiarize the public more extensively about the area. We will have 1800m and 1900m take offs together with cable car completed by 2012. We talked to 3 companies on cable car project up to now. City planners work on the subject. We overcame the finance problem of the project”
Justice and Development Party Muğla MP Ali Boğa “Cable car project is Fethiye’s dream and it will be completed. We are more than happy that the company founded by FTSO win the tender. We gave the necessary support to the project in Ankar and we will keep our support.”
Muğla Governor Fatih Şahin said “Cable Car project is the success of Fethiye citizens. We took an important step in a project we have been dreaming for years. Soon after the cable car is completed, we will have a significant vitality in the local tourism industry. If we can make good use of our potential in terms of tourism, Muğla and the region will have a significant change with improved quality in tourism industry.”

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