Çalış ıssues dıscussed

15th, 2011
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The board of directors and members of Çalış Tourism and Promotion Association met in Yörük tents. Chaired by President Mete Ay, an information meeting was held between members and the board of directors. At the meeting, the problems and constraints of Çalış were expressed. Chairman Mete Ay talked about the planned projects, and gave information about the events to be held in Çalış.
Mete Ay said the biggest problem at the moment is the garbage problem at Çalış Beach, saying he photographed overflowing garbage cans. Mete Ay said that they need to focus attention on cleaning, and if all trades clear the garbage in front of their businesses they would not have problems. Mete Ay added that due to the high prices of beach chairs and umbrellas at Çalış Beach they have an off-peak season, and their biggest project yet is to turn Mut Creek into a channel in which you can travel with boats and gondollas just like Venice. Noting that TUI guides will do cleaning on Çalış Beach, the Tattoo exhibition to be held in September will freshen up the economy, he said.
The meeting ended with the speeches by the members.
crazy çalış project
Çalış Tourism and Promotion Association Chairman Mete Ay wants to apply the Model of Venice Channel to the Mut creek flowing through the bird sanctuary and pours into the sea at Çalış. This is supposed to be the President’s Crazy Project.
Çalış Tourism and Promotion Association Chairman Mete Ay has made a statement on the subject. “Mut creek separates the mainland from the beach and it is very rare in the world. The improvement of the creek will gain our region a lot both in terms of urbanism and tourism. Just imagine; Would you like to go to the front of your house by gondollas from Köprübaşı? This precious beauty is at your hands to use it. This is my sense of crazy project.”

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