Cautious Tractor Driver Surprises People Seeing Him

8th, 2013
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Hüseyin Türkmen, 65 year old tractor driver from Fethiye, took a precaution against possible accidents and wore a helmet.
While the traffic police in Fethiye perform controls night and day to make motorcyclists wear helmets, Hüseyin Türkmen wearing a helmet in the tractor has surprised people seeing him. Having put on a helmet on the road between Fethiye and Üzümlü in his tractor whose license plate number is 48 HM 756, Hüseyin Türkmen has proved the safety was important for him.
Türkmen explained he both got warm and took a precaution against possible accidents when he wore the helmet used mostly by race car and motorcycle drivers and maintained a tractor was no different than a motorcycle during an accident. Türkmen said he went everywhere by his tractor and added, “There is no vehicle body to protect drivers in the tractors like motorcycles when an accident happens. That’s why I use a helmet. The young people should be careful about it and wear helmet.”

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