Crashes into the ambulance carrying patients

24th, 2012
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 In the car accident that took place on Çalış junction yesterday afternoon, a car crashed into the ambulance. The Emergency ambulance(112) that carries the patients got out of the road, and drove onto the refuge. Both of the cars were damaged considerably. The emergency ambulance with the plate number 48 AY 662 that carries the patients to Fethiye State Hospital on Cahit Beğenç Avenue and a car with the plate number 48 HV 894 going to the Çalış Beach on Barış Manço Avenue hit each other because of reckless and imprudent driving. The ambulance hit the traffic lights first and then was thrown onto the refuge. The traffic teams of Fethiye Police Headquarters took security precautions on the scene, the teams of fire brigade cleaned the petrol spilled over the pavement.
While the residents and the tourist watched the cars that turned into scrap curiously, the traffic was under police control. The drivers were in good health but it was reported that the other person on the ambulance is reported to be under treatment.

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