Crisis in Babadağ Entrance Fee

22nd, 2012
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Entrance fees went up to one of the world famous paragliding centers in Babadağ, Fethiye. Paragliding agencies protesting the decision have decided to stop jumps from Babadağ.

Entrance fees went up at Babadağ of 1900 meters altitude in the resort of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz. Fee for tandem jumps which was 20 TL before was raised to 25 TL whilw solo was raised to 17 TL from 15 TL. The prices will be valid as of May 1, when the the season is opened in Ölüdeniz, and the agencies protested the new fees. They decided to stop climbing up to Babadağ, and jumps from 1700 m. And 1900 m. take offs were canceled. As of today, jumps from 900 m. Sürme take off which is at the skirts of Babadağ and free, will continue. Representatives of the companies are preparing to take the decision to the court saying that they will not climb the mount until the increase in entrace fees are taken back.


In their statement, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce which runs Babadağ Mountain, defended that  the increase was in parallel with the rent paid for the operation of Babadağ. Chairman of the Chamber Akif Arıcan said “As of this season, the rent we pay for the operation of Babadağ was greatly increased. Also , the number of staff was raised from 5 to 10.  Moreover, we make large expenditures for the purchase of safety equipment. At this point, preventing any loss financially is of great importance in order to maintain stability in Babadağ.The raaise was in parallel with this context.”

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