24th, 2012
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Dalaman is a district, as well as the central town of that district, situated on the southwestern coast of Turkey, in the Muğla Province.

Dalaman Stream (Dalaman çayı) forms much of the western border of the district, where its neighbours are Köyceğiz and Ortaca districts. The town of Dalaman is located in the coastal plain, whereas the rest of the district – towards Fethiye district on the coast and towards the high mountains on the northern border to Denizli Province – is upland, dominated by the valleys of the Dalaman Stream’s eastern tributaries.

Dalaman is known for its international airport which serves as a gateway to the tourists who visit this part of Turkey every year, heading especially to seaside resorts to the west and east of Dalaman such as Marmaris, Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Dalyan, Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü. Dalaman Airport (IATA: DLM, ICAO: LTBS) is small in comparison to other airports in Turkey, has parking spaces for 14 jet aircraft and is served by many operators. Turkish Airlines offer daily flights to Turkey’s commercial and financial capital Istanbul and serves as a seasonal base for other airlines notably Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines and Free Bird Airlines.

The new Dalaman International Terminal, completed in 2006, cost approximately $150,000,000 to complete and is the 3rd largest terminal building in Turkey. There are 12 boarding gates, 8 with covered air-bridges. The apron was also re-designed, increasing space for remote stands. Consequently, the airport has capacity to handle up to 35 flights at any one time. In total, the terminal now a floor space of 95,000m2, compared with less than 45,000m2 prior to refurbishment.

ATM Dalaman International Terminal has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, the ISO 14001 Environment Certificate, the TS 13001 HACCP Food Safety Certificate and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate. The airport has also received praise for its environmentally conscious design, especially the use of natural lighting in its main hall.

Apart from aviation activities, Dalaman plays host to one of Turkey’s biggest open prisons where less dangerous prisoners are sent as part of their rehabilitation programme. A state farm is present in Dalaman. Agriculture, particularly citrus fruits, plays an important role in the local economy, since it is situated in a fertile plain at sea level.

Alexandria train station (İskenderiye tren istasyonunun ilginç hikayesi)

In 1906, the Alexandria train station was built by mistake in Dalaman. The building still exists and serves today as the headquarters of the state farm. The year before the construction (1905), Abbas Hilmi Pasha (then Khedive of Egypt) had acquired a large part of the fertile plain and had decided to set up a plantation in the region.
He had ordered the plans and the material for his projected residence here to his architects in France, at the same as the plans and the material for a train station for Alexandria in Egypt. Unfortunately, the two simultaneous shipments were misdirected, the materials for his residence heading towards Egypt, and the Alexandria train station ending up in Dalaman. Since it was going to be too costly to re-ship everything to the right destination, the station was built in Dalaman anyway, with even a few miles of purposeless railway track.

Rafting in the Dalaman Stream

The Dalaman River has become one of the Turkey’s most popular rafting spots in recent years. The stream has two different levels of difficulty. The higher one has a difficulty level of 3th grade and can only be undertaken with rafting boats. The lower level can be done by “river canoeing” and is advised for the beginners. On this stage, which only has a level one difficulty rating, children can also join in. This might be the last year when one can raft or river canoe on the Dalaman Stream as the building of a dam on the waterway is progressing rapidly. If you are interested you should hurry up. According to the brochures of the travel agencies, the lower rafting-canoeing trail of the Dalaman Stream starts at Demirli Köyü – Akköprü (village of Demirli-White Bridge) region and ends after a 12 kilometres trip in the Arpacık region.
The travel agencies that conduct rafting tours also transfer clients to the starting point of the rafting. The clients are met with cold drinks, and given a briefing on rafting, technical equipment and issues to be beware of. You get to the location for the day’s lunch break for one hour and five kilometres from Akköprü. Lunch is served in the open air. After the lunch break, you row to the 10 kilometre point on the trail and this is followed by a relaxing swim.
Technical information on the river and the tour:
(çay ve rafting turuna dair teknik bilgi)
The lower trail of the Dalaman Stream, according to the international levels of difficulty, is rated about 1 or 2 degrees. This means that to take part in the activity you need no experience.
All those participating in the tour are covered by insurance and are given certificates at the end of the trip.
Among the agencies that conduct rafting tours in the Dalaman Stream are Trans Nature, Get Wet, Grida, and Alternatif Tourism.
You must try rafting. You will get lots of joy and excitement and there is no risk as you are accompanied by experienced guides.

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