Dome of the 5th century church ın myndos revealed

23rd, 2011
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Excavations at the ancient city of Myndos on Tavşan Adası (Rabbit Island) located in the town of Bodrum, Gümüşlük the third nave and the sacred burial area called Kripta of a 5th century church were discovered.

The first excavations began in 2005 in Gümüşlük and last year, south nave of the basilica on Rabbit Island has been revealed. The first excavations on Tavşan adası had begun with the parcel no 663 in 2009.

Serkan Gündüz member of the excavation team and research assistant from Uludağ University pointed out that excavation around basilica which was revealed last year continues, and during these excavations the sacred burial area called Kripta and the third nave were found out. He said “Excavations at ancient city of Myndos has started in 2005, and on Asar Island in 2009. First research on the island took place in the tower which we date back to 13th century. During these studies we were encountered by a mosaic floor which was a surprise for us. Research conducted later around this mosaic floor revealed a basilica which is a sacred area, and 2009-2010 excavations revealed central and northern naves. Our research was focused on the south side of the island in order to find the south nave. As a result, we have reached the the 3rd part, the south nave of the basilica. In addition, with the kripta discovered under the north nave of the sanctuary we can talk about an interesting sacred section. As well as divinity, residential structure was encountered and an intensive cistern construction was there. The basilica dates back to 5th BC. When we first started excavating here, we aimed at finding a temple. It was our main goal. Provided the necessary funds, the ancient settlements of the ancient city of Myndos on Asar Island will be raked up on 2013-2014.”

Excavations on Tavşan Island are carried by a team of 30 people from various universities headed by Professor Mustafa Şahin from Bursa Uludağ University.

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