Elections on November 1

20th, 2015
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November 1 General Elections are the snap elections to be held after the general elections of Turkey on June 7, 2015. Pursuant to the Constitution Section 77, the elections were normally supposed to be held on June 2019. However, a government to win a vote of confidence could not be formed since June 2015 and the President has decided for a snap election and the Supreme Election Board has set the upcoming elections on November 1, 2015.

For the first time on the June elections 2015, none of the parties was able to form a government since 2002. This process increased the speculations regarding a possible snap election. Devlet Bahçeli, the President of the Nationalist People’s Party, mentioned a possible snap election and claimed November 15 could be the date of the snap elections.

The Prime Minister Davutoğlu started “exploratory” early negotiations only for a possible coalition of AKP-CHP after his negotiations with the leaders of the political parties including CHP, MHP and HDP for a coalition. When it was announced that the negotiations for a coalition between AKP (the Justice and Development Party) and CHP (the Republican People’s Party) gave no result, the Prime Minister Davutoğlu stated that the snap election was the only option.

In accordance with the Constitution Section 116, the President has the right to decide on a snap election if a Cabinet is not formed within 45 days later than the elections of the bureau of the assembly at the newly elected Turkish Grand National Assembly. President Erdoğan stated that he planned a snap election on August 21 when the time to form a government expired on August 24, 2015. The Supreme Election Board has decided that he has the right to shorten the 90 days’ time to 30 days if a snap election is decided and announced that the early elections could be held on November 1.

President Erdoğan has decided to renew the elections based on the Constitution on August 24, 2015. The decision has been published on the Official Journal on the same day and the Supreme Election Board has announced the elections to be held on November 1, 2015.


Parties to Nominate in the Elections

The Supreme Election Board announced and noted on August 28, 2015 that 29 political parties having the eligibility may be candidate for the general elections of Turkey on November 2015. On September 9, 2015, the Anatolian Party decided not to run as a candidate in the elections. On September 13, 2015, Supreme Election Board determined the places of the parties on the voting paper. Labour Party and Freedom and Solidarity Party announced that they would not nominate parliament members in the elections either. Despite the fact that the Anatolian Party decided not to nominate in the elections, Supreme Election Board has given their place on the voting paper. Regarding the decisions, the number of the political parties to participate in the election has decreased to 16.

The Patriotic Party, the Republican People’s Party, Movements for Rights and Freedoms, the Felicity Party, Democratic Left Party, Democratic Party, the Former Democratic Party, the Independent Turkey Party, Nationalist People’s Party, People’s Liberation Party, Liberal Democratic Party, People’s Democratic Party, Great Union Party, Justice and Development Party, Communist Party, Independent candidates.


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