European Bike Path to include Turkey in 2012

22nd, 2011
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The 45,000-kilometer European Bike Path Network (Eurovelo) will include another250 kilometersof paths in Turkey in 2012.

Twelve routes that crisscross Europe comprise Eurovelo, built under the leadership of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF). Many of the paths are tucked away from the bustling streets and boast natural beauty like forests, lakes and rivers.

The new250 kilometersof Eurovelo will stretch from Turkey’s border with Greece, continue along its border with Bulgaria and extend to the Black Sea. The construction of the bike paths in Turkey will begin in 2012.

Attracting millions of visitors a year, Eurovelo has significant tourism potential. Bicyclists Association President Murat Suyabatmaz said that it is remarkable that a million people go on bike tours from Germany to the Black Sea every year. There is great potential for the Black Sea during the winter months, Suyabatmaz said, adding that weather conditions are very good during the summer.

Suyabatmaz said that work has begun on the drafting of the bike routes. Brochures on the bike paths that will include information on the routes, terrain, views and nearby lodging are also being prepared.

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