Exhibition at 107 Year Old Sailing Boat

22nd, 2012
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İlhan Koman sculpture exhibition was opened at Hulda, Art & Science Boat which arrived at Fethiye within the framework of 5th Culture and Art Festival. During exhibnition, 120 students studied sculpture with the support and contributions of Fethiye Council.

The boat had sailed to İstanbul from Stockholm about two years ago, and various exhibitions held on the boat previously. İlhan Koman’s son AHMET Koman brought the 107-year-old boat Hulda to Fethiye, and opening ceremony of the exhibition was held with the accompaniment of Fethiye Council Band.

Various works by İlhan Koman was exhibited at Hulda including famous Mediterranean statue, the old man walking, to infinity and other three-dimensional works of art. In his opening speech, Ahmet Koman said “Hulda came to Fethiye within the framework of 5th Culture and Art Festival. Welcome to Hulda, the boat of 107 years, İlhan Koman’s house, workshop, the place where an artist’s heart beats.  We will teach our students some simple applications of Koman’s works.” The exhibition drew great attention, and the visitors said  “A very well prepared exhibition, obviously with great effort “

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