Father, son on Kilimanjaro Mountain

15th, 2011
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Erden Eruç who departed from Madagascar has reached the summit of Kilimanjaro Mountain together with his 78-year old father. The next goal of the Turkish seaman who holds a Guinness World Record is the Walvis Gulf in Namibia.
Erden Eruç (41) is a traveler seeking to see the world by reliance on muscle-power alone. He acquired the title of the first Turk who crossed the ocean by row in the Pacific in 2006. In May 2008, he stayed in Pacific for 312 days which earned him the new Guinness world record for rower staying the longest on the sea. And now he climbed the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania together with his 78-year old father. Eruç who started the summit climb with a team of diverse people in different ages and backgrounds reached the top of the mountain on June 14 at 6.20am local time.
Erden Eruç who started his journey by rowing at the Pacific Ocean has also passed along Bismarck and Coral Sea; he subsequently pedaled for 8,650 kilometers in Australia and completed the first stage of his voyage. Eruç further rowed for 137 consecutive days to pass the Indian Ocean; when we got to Madagascar, he halved his world tour; after this achievement, he was declared the first person to ever cross the three oceans by row.
Eruç started his travel in memory of a friend who died during a mountain trip; he now plans traveling Zambia by bicycle and reaching Namibia’s Walvis Gulf and then moving to Brazil by row.
Eruç, who completed his university education at Boğaziçi Univristy and the US, is taking part in this voyage in line with a project he titled, “Altı Zirve Projesi” (Six Summits Project). Eruç desires to set an example and support children and youth who are trying to fulfill their dreams which may seem as difficult as the projects that he brings into being. Furthermore, he uses the donations gathered for his endeavors towards the construction of schools in Turkey and throughout the world.
Eruç notes that each one of the summits which he has climbed has carried a different meaning for him and he adds: “I followed the same method during my McKinley climb that Goran Kropp, my friend who died as a result of a fall while we were rock climbing, followed while climbing Mount Everest. That summit climb was in honor of the memory of Goran. And the Kosciuszko climb became a months and years long effort towards a sacred place in Aboriginal culture. And in my Kilimanjaro diaries I read that my desire for my loved ones to be by my side and friendship was in the fore.”
Resource: Today’s Zaman

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