Fethiye Attains the Faculty of Business Management at last

29th, 2011
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The Council of Ministers’ decision No. 2011/2260 concerning the setting up of Fethiye Faculty of Business Management to act under the Chancery of Muğla University was announced in the Official Gazette No. 28094 of 24th October 2011, and has come into effect accordingly.
Thanks to the setting up of Fethiye Faculty of Business Management, new colleges and vacational higher schools will be included within the structure of Muğla University where some 26.000 students are being already trained and educated at presently existing 12 faculties , 3 institutes, 5 acedemies and 11 vacational high schools. In the statement that he made, Muğla Deputy Ali Boğa verbalized his gratification about the decision relating to the setting up of a faculty of business management in Fethiye on the realization of which they had made bear down for a long time, and said with pleasure that the said faculty would be much beneficial for both Fethiye and Muğla as well. Stating that Fethiye will come to the fore through such an important educational institution in the field of science and education, Ali Boğa said “This faculty will make many contributions to our Township of Fethiye in social, cultural and economic respect. And In the coming period, we will make all efforts for Fethiye to be a scientific and cultural center by continuing to set up such institutions in near future.”

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