18th, 2012
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Turkish Red Crescent Blood Donation Bus was in Fethiye for 2 days. 64 units of blood was donated on the first day and the Red Crescent Authorities said that they will come to Fethiye regularly every week.
İzmir Aegean Region Blood Donation Center accepted donations for two days in Fethiye. Under the supervision of doctor Ömer Çiçek, the team was deployed at the entrance of Uğur Mumcu Park. They will be visiting Göcek, Çalış and Kumluova next week.
Blood donation is often considered as a benevolent act, but it has noteworthy health benefits to the donor as well. Surprisingly enough, people who give blood also receive many health benefits. There’s no substitute for blood donation and giving blood regularly saves lives. It has been observed that increase in blood iron level increases the chance of heart disease. Iron is involved in the oxidation of cholesterol and this process is believed to be detrimental for the arteries. Increases blood iron level favors this process of cholesterol oxidation and thus leads to heart disease. Regular blood donation helps especially males in loosing iron on regular basis. It helps in reducing the chance of heart attack to one third. As the blood is withdrawn from the donors body there is decrease inblood cells. To replenish it, immediately new cells are produced by marrow andthis way blood gets refreshed. Therefore donating blood helps in stimulating generationof new blood cells. One can diet or remain fit by donating blood regularly. One pint of blood (450 ml) when donated burns 650 calories in donor’s body. It has been mentioned in various sites though not proved that elderly people in good health have reported feeling invigorated or reenergized by giving blood on a regular basis. Apart from all these benefits a donor gets a mini blood test done before donating blood. This includes Hematocrit i.e. HB level test, Blood pressure is measured, body weight is checked. After the blood is collected it tested for 5 major diseases. Those are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis and malaria. Donor is immediately informed if any of these test found to be positive.

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