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26th, 2011
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The first meeting of the new Fethiye Meditation Group was held on the 4th December 2011 at the Sundial Hotel, Tasyaka, Fethiye. Many thanks again to Murat and his staff for such a lovely venue. The number attending was small, perhaps as this also turned out to be the same day as the Calis Christmas Carnival, my apologies on the date. But the seven people attending started with some light stretching exercises, followed by some basic Qigong exercises before participating in a guided meditation aimed at balancing and energising their chakra system (energy centres) and removing stuck energy from the body.

Qigong was practiced thousands of years ago in China and has many health benefits. Its aim is to improve health by energising the body by clearing the energy pathways (meridians that are used in acupuncture and acupressure). It aims to combat stress, prevent disease and promote fitness and relaxation. It is known to reduce accidents and improve balance as we get older. Although neither Ray nor I presume to be Qigong teachers we were happy to share what we personally practice.

There are many types and ways to meditate and each of us must choose the way that suits us best. For some this may be focusing on something such as a candle flame or crystal, chanting a mantra or sitting in silence and observing the breath etc. Others find it easier to follow a guided meditation, but whatever method is used the aim is to bring peace and stillness to our ever active, overworking minds. It is also accepted that Meditation helps to improve stress and aid relaxation, leading to better physical health. I have taught basic meditation for many years and used it both in my Reiki and EFT practice (as a teacher, practitioner and personally) and as a hypnotherapist. The important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself, as with any new skill it takes time to progress and just let go of the thoughts that wander in and out of our minds. Just acknowledge them and let them go, they can be dealt with later if necessary. Eventually the mind will become quieter.

The next meeting of the new meditation group will be on 8th January 2012, 10.30am for an 11am start, again at the Sundial Hotel, Tasyaka, Fethiye. Although we plan to meet on the first Sunday in the month normally as this will be the first of January the group has decided to meet a week later on Sunday 8th January instead.

If enough people are interested it may be possible to organise a light vegetarian buffet afterwards? Please do let me know if you intend join us and would be interested in staying on for something to eat? Also I would welcome any input/suggestions as this new group evolves?

Thank you, Rosie & Ray Hickson

Email: rosiehickson@gmail.com

Tel: 0538 251 2043

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