Fethiye municipality places water pots for street animals

7th, 2012
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Fethiye municipality is placing water pots they have prepared on certain spots with the slogan that “Water is a need for all animals”. Fethiye municipality started to work for the street animals on the hot days of summer.
In the frame of the project that aims to raise consciousness and inform the residents about the protection and care of animals, it is going to be written “Let’s protect our street animals” and “Water is a need for all creatures” on the pots. The water pots are going to be connected to the waterworks of the town. In this way, if there is no water left in the pots, the automatic system is going to function and the street animals are going to be provided with water constantly. Emre Kangal who is in charge of Fethiye Animal Trust stated that they were making preparations for water pots in thirty spots for the thirsty street animals and went on his speech as follows: “We have carried out many projects for street animals for many years. And now, in order to provide the animals with the water they need we are preparing water spots on various parts of the town. We are forming water foci in various parts of the town. It can be said that we have been late for this but we have made a work that is going to be permanent and fit the town aesthetically. First of all, we are going to increase the water pots we have placed on thirty different spots according to the needs. We request the sensitive residents of Fethiye to protect the water pots we have placed as if they were their own property and inform the municipality when they see a problem. ”
One of the stuff members of Animal Trust of Fethiye Municipality who have placed the water pots on the streets, Cuma Kahraman, noted that they received very positive feedback from the residents. He told that “Our residents are very sensitive. The system is going to work automatically. As the water pots are connected to the waterworks, there is always going to be water in the pots. Underneath the pots, there is cleaning points. The system is going to be more widespread.”

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