Fire on the Boat Causes Panic 

4th, 2016
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A fire breaking out on a wooden boat in Fethiye was taken under control by the fire department.

An electrical fire broke out on a wooden boat named Semercioğlu, 20 m long, situated near a fuel filling station in Karagözler Neighbourhood of Fethiye. Eyewitnesses called Muğla Municipal Fire Department as soon as they saw the smokes coming out of the yacht, which belongs to Mehmet Semercioğlu. The fire squad responded to the fire on the wooden yacht moored at Port Fethiye in a short time. The fire department used foams to extinguish the fire which was prevented almost in an hour.

It is assumed that it was an electrical fire caused by an electric contact. The police took safety measures in the area during the fire extinguishing works. The investigation in connection with the fire continues.


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