Fire prevention in şövalye island

3rd, 2011
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Fethiye Municipality Fire Department continues to take measures for a possible fire at Şövalye Island, which is the nearest visible island at the Gulf of Fethiye. Fire Department had placed fire-water valve system on certain parts of the island before, and now they took new measures especially on three new region in the western part of the island. Island residents supported the work of the municipality, and thanked them.

Fethiye Municipality Fire Department continues to take measures before a possible fire. In this context, the Fire Squad began working at Şövalye Island. They had installed fire-water valve systems on some parts of the island before, and this time valves were placed in other areas of the region with high risk of fire. Fethiye Municipality Fire Department  Manager Sait Avcı, providing information about the valves placed on the eastern region of the island, said “Our department began taking measures against any possible fire  on Şövalye Island which is one of the most popular places of Fethiye. A few  years ago, we had installed fire-valve systems on the eastern part of the island. Now, we have established the fire valve system on one of the island’s highest hills, which is a region surrounded by olive trees and with a high fire risk. We placed them along the borders of settlements at the same time. We certainly will increase their numbers. We will install the system on the western point of the island, too. We sorted out this problem in cooperation with  Water and Sewer Department of our Council. We also asked for the opinions and the support of the island residents. We are very thankful for their support. A small spark, God forbid, might burn the whole island. So, we took our measures for a possible fire.”

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