Flat Tire Crash: 13 Injured including 6 Students

10th, 2015
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6 high school students and 7 tourism workers got injured due to a crash of a student service bus and worker bus in Fethiye. It is claimed that the tires of the student bus lost handling due to the excessive speed of Ramazan Akpınar, 22 year old driver of the student service bus.

The accident happened in Fethiye Ölüdeniz Oluklu Area at about 07.30 a.m. The student bus with the license plate number 48 S 2708 took students from Ovacık District to bring them to Karaçulha Multi-Program High School. When the driver Ramazan Akpınar crossed the other lane on the slippery road caused by rain, he hit the workers’ bus with the license plate number 34 VV 6342 on head. Iron banisters by the roadside rescued students to fall into shoulder (30m).

Many ambulances were sent to the accident area. On the other hand, Muğla Metropolitan Municipal Fire Department Rescue Squad was called for the worker whose feet got stuck in the front seat of the worker bus. The fire department squad took the injured worker out of the vehicle and carried him to the ambulance. Service bus drivers overcame the accident without any injury while students Yasin Karayaman, Devrim Çelebi, Aylin Duman, Sultan İrem Alagöz, Sude Yılmaz and Yurdagül Arıcı and workers Zeliha Özdemir (53), Perihan Karakuz (39), Nurullah Kaçıkçı (21), Mihriban Tohum (51), Alime Akman (39), Emine Öztürk (47) and Meryem Ora got injured. The injured were taken by the ambulances to the hospitals in Fethiye for treatment.



Parents of the students in the accident area claimed the tires of the student bus lost handling. Parents showed their reactions and made complaints against Abdullah Şentürk, Fethiye District National Education Branch Manager who was in the accident area for inspection. Ünal Arıcı, father of the injured student Yurdagül Arıcı, said, “This bus could not drive on slope yesterday. Unless it hit the iron bannisters, the vehicle would fall into the shoulder. There is no inspection. The conditions of the people in the other bus are terrible; they all went to hospitals.”

Yasin Karaman, one of the students getting medical treatment, said the student bus driver drove down too fast on the slope and the vehicle started sliding after he overtook the other minibus on the bend. Karaman said, “All our friends in the service got injured as they hit the right and left sides.” Devrim Çelebi, another student, explained he tried to protect himself as soon as he noticed the accident and the driver was driving very fast.



Abdullah Şentürk, Fethiye District National Education Branch Manager, made inspections in the accident area. Şentürk stated, “We came as soon as we heard about the accident. Students were lucky for not sitting on the front side because there is more damage in the front. The conditions of our students are good. We will see how the accident happened from the traffic report. There are many claims and we will investigate all of them. We inspect and track these vehicles down. Those who are responsible will be punished and take the consequences.”

Ramazan Akpınar, the driver of the student bus, was arrested by the police and taken to Fethiye Police Station. Akpınar did not answer the questions of the press while he was getting on the police car.

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