Gendarmerie Catch The Thieves From The Prints Of Thir Boots

29th, 2011
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5 persons who allegedly stole approximately 30 thousand worth computer and LCD TV from a hotel in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye were caught by gendarmerie following their footprints of their boots left by the entrance of the hotel.

According to news, on November 9 Wednesday night, a hotel was robbed at Belceğiz Beach in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye. Hotel officials found out that 5 monitors, 4 pieces of computer case, 3 LCD television, a camera, 2 amps, two audio mixer and some electronic devices were missing and Ölüdeniz Gendarmerie Station was alerted. Crime scene investigation team immediately began to investigate the incidence when hotel officials recognized the boot prints on the broken doors. The prints were matching the prints  of the boots given to hotel staff. Gendarmerie ascertained that one of the staff gifted his boots to a friend. It was found out that so called friend S.B.Y. (19) crashed the door with the boots on and carried out the robbery together with 3 friends. S.B.Y. and his friends were taken into custody immediately and S.B.Y. confessed to the crime. Approximately 30 thousand worth of stolen electronic devices were found out. Five people were sent to the court proceedings in progress.

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