Global Peace Day in Fethiye, 11.11.11 at the Sundial Hotel, Tasyaka

2nd, 2011
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 On this special day, 11.11.11 there will be many events worldwide when groups are getting together to send peace and healing prayers not only to people across the world but to the earth itself, and also to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of living at a higher energy frequency.
This date is special because in numerology 11 is a Master number, and this signifies new beginnings, the development of intuition, spiritual healing and other metaphysical developments. At 11 minutes past 11 on the 11.11.2011 we expect that there will be a ‘Cosmic moment’ when we, here on earth, will be given very high frequencies of energy that will assist in our development and enable us to make better decisions on how mankind will progress in the future.
So why prayers you may ask? Much research has been done over the last decade into the benefit of prayers and how we can possibly expect them to work? (read Gregg Braden’s ‘Isaih Effect’ for more information) However, when we look at how our thoughts can affect things such as water we start to realise that our thoughts are energy and we all know energy has an impact on everything in our life. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto did many experiments looking at the shape of ice crystals that are formed after water is subjected to not only positive and negative thoughts, but to different types of music and then frozen. His research with pictures of these beautiful (and not so nice) crystals can be seen in his bestselling book, Hidden Messages in Water or via the internet. This is now just one of the many recognised investigations that demonstrate in reality how thought can affect matter.
Many of you will be aware of the increase in self-help books and the influx of information on positive thinking, positive affirmations and even cosmic ordering encouraging us to change the way we think, our very thoughts, and therefore transform our lives for the better. There are many ancient cultures (Mayan and Vedic etc) that speak of massive changes that are expected to occur on earth in 2012. Many have seen these as cataclysmic events but others are viewing this as a catalyst for great positive change enabling us live in peace and harmony with each other and the world in the future. But for this to happen we will need not only to change how we treat each other but what we think and project out into our world, and how we treat our planet.
I retired and moved here to Turkey with my husband Ray nearly 1 year ago to live up in the mountains. We live in a wooden house through a forest away from hectic life. I had worked in the UK as a health visitor/teacher/counsellor and in later years privately as a Reiki teacher/EFT practitioner/hypnotherapist but felt the urge to live a more peaceful natural life allowing time for meditation and self healing. We wish to reconnect with the earth and live our lives the best way we can not only for our own good but that of others.
We believe that on the 11.11.11 the best we can do for each other is to all join together and send our love and blessings to one another for each individual’s highest good and also to the earth. Therefore, our intention is that as many people as possible will come and join together at the Sundial Hotel, which in itself has a beautiful energy (and stunning views over looking Fethiye) on this very special day.
Murat, who owns the Sundial Hotel suggests that we meet at 10.30 am ready to start at 11am. Our plan is to start with prayers at 11am then at 11.11 to have a 1 minute silence, where we can quietly say our private prayers. Anyone is welcome to speak aloud, in fact we would be extremely grateful to anyone who feels they have something to say or wishes any input into the morning?
After this short meeting we welcome the chance to chat with everyone over tea/coffee etc. and invite you to enjoy the views from the Sundial Hotel.

For more information about this issue, you can contact Rosie & Ray over 0538 251 2043  or

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