Göcek-Pırnaz Plateau Walk

30th, 2012
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Nomads of Göcek, Fethiye organize a highland trip to Pırnaz Plateau every year. First trip through Göcek-Gürsu-Pırnaz Plateau was in 2003. Nomads start walking in Göcek streets with the participation of nomad chieftain, academics, politicians, nomad descendants and nomad lovers; both local and foreigner. The academics who participate in this traditional migration journey make speeches along the road in their own areas of expertise. Questions are answered, discussions are held. They deal with the diseases villagers suffer. With intense love of nature and horse in the plateau journey, the issues are often global heating and protection of drinking water sources. The singers perform live at their camp sites in the evenings. The 110 km journey, organized in order to keep a Turkmen tradition alive, is finished at Pırnaz Plateau.

Primary purpose of this trip is to deliver a 500-year tradition, to inform nomad grandchildren about their grandfathers. Besides, they try to raise awareness in up to date problems, such as global warming.  The nomad ancestors made this journey to the plateau 500 years back. The path was marked by Muğla University faculty members and the geographical coordinates were determined. The route will be registered officially before the ministeries, and will take place in a formal way in national and international documents and maps. Thus, this route will be a new tourism destination in Muğla.

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