Göcek Tunnel at the last Stage

25th, 2016
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Göcek Tunnel, 964 m, situated between Fethiye and Dalaman, has been completed. Electricity, control centre and announce systems were checked at the tunnel, which will be in service for the vehicles heading from Antalya to Muğla Region.

$13 million had been spent for Göcek Tunnel, which was built by Tinsa Construction and Industry Limited Company with build-operate-transfer model. Göcek Tunnel had been opened by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Former Prime Minister, in 2006. Since the tunnel was built, 13 governments and 8 prime ministers have changed. The tunnel was completed in 17 years. It is 12 m wide, 7.40 m high and 950 m long. Göcek Tunnel has become an issue many times due to the fact that it is the only tunnel where you have to pay money to use. It has been operated by a private company for over 9 years. A new project has been started for building a twin tunnel next to the existing tunnel on July 9, 2013. 13th Regional Directorate of Highways has taken over the project. The new tunnel is 964 m. So far, 45.500.000 TL has been spent for the new tunnel. The total cost is 49 million TL. The new tunnel has just been completed.



Drivers have to pay 3.50 TL for cars, 1.5 TL for motorcycles, 4.5 TL for trucks and 10 TL for trailer trucks to use the existing tunnel. When the new tunnel starts service, drivers will not have to use this tunnel if they go from the direction of Antalya to Muğla. However, vehicles heading from Muğla to Antalya will have to use the former tunnel. On the other hand, it has become an issue of concern who to operate the new tunnel.



Esat Mahmut Kabukçu, Director of 13th Regional Directorate of Highways, stated the tunnel has been completed: “The height of the new tunnel is 7.56 m. It is 8 m wide and has 2 lanes. We have checked the electricity in the tunnel at the end of the week. The control centre and announce systems are also being checked. We have made it ready for traffic when required. It is not definite yet whether the current firm will take over or a new firm will operate the tunnel.”



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