Göcek Tunnel tunnel is the world’s most valuable tunnel

16th, 2012
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The lowest toll was increased to 3.5 TL., while the highest toll has been increased to 10 TL. from 9 TL.
The construction of the tunnel was first discussed in 1989 under the prime ministership of Turgut Özal, and until 2002, 8 prime ministers, 11 ministers ve 13 governments promised to build the tunnel. It was until 2004 that the base was laid and the construction was completed in 2006. The 960 meter long tunnel which was opened by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, prime minister of the period has seen price increase of 50 kuruş-1 TL, making it the most valuable tunnel in the world. The drivers name it “The Golden Tunnel” and fruitless attempts were made to roll back the price increases. Especially, the proposals from Muğla deputies did not result. The response to the proposal was that the expansion of the alternative road shall be carried out, and in accordance with the tunnel contract no action can be be performed.
The tunnel connects Muğla to Antalya, and approximately 1 million vehicles pass through annually. the 3.5 TL toll at the Göcek Tunnel of 960 metres is found objectionable by business owners in Fethiye and Dalaman, however, Göcek Tunnel Construction and Contracting, Inc. Operations Manager issued a written statement and provided following information: “Entrance fees are raised in line with the increases in consumer prices, in line with Article 16 f our contract. This increase has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation and the General Management of Highways. It must be remembered that our new price tariff is at a lower level than that indicated in the contract with the Highways and although the Gocek Tunnel Inc. possessed the right to go above these prices, it was kept at the minimum. New price tariffs have been implemented since April 1, 2012, 00:00 A.M.”
The new toll for automobiles was increased to 3.50 TL from 3.00 TL, minibus and van toll were increased to 4.50 TL from 4.00 TLbus and standard truck toll was increased to 6.00 TL from 7.00 TL, and the toll for TIT type trucks was increased to 10.00 TL from 9.00 TL. The 1.00 TL price for the motorbikes is now 1.50 TL.

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