Guıdes cleaned & the cıtızens watched

15th, 2011
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Tui guides cleaned Çalış beach. Foreign guides walking across Çalış beach with garbage bags in their hands cleaned the beach by collecting discarded cigarette butts, papers, plastic bottles and other trash.  All the citizens following the event and trying to understand what foreign guides are doing, were contented by watching only. A coctail was organized by Çalış Tourism and Promotion Association and the business owners for 15 foreign guides after their work is over.


Mete Ay Chairman of Çalış Tourism and Promotion thanked Tui guides for their hard work and said “A world-renowned tourist-tour company likeTui has done cleaning at Çalış Beach, which indicates their concern for Çalış. This event will hopefully set the pace for our local people. Thank you.”

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