Hawk Dies When It Cannot Turned the Fatal Attack of Its Hunt

8th, 2013
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A hawk which went after a sparrow to hunt died hitting on a supermarket window as it could not turn the fatal attack of the sparrow. People around the place tried hard to rescue the hawk and the shoots of the hawk that got late for maneuver were recorded by the security cameras. The incident happened at Azda Supermarket on the road to Çarşı Street in Cumhuriyet Village at around 10.30. A fatal hunt started between the sparrow and the hawk. The sparrow trying to get rid of the fast attacks of the hawk flew to the street and hid among the buildings. The hawk could not respond to the fast maneuver of the sparrow around the cars in the parking lot and hit by a supermarket window. The market staff tried to figure out what was happening for awhile when they heard the hitting sound of the hawk who was dying and fell to the floor. Ramazan Keskin, one of the shopkeepers on the street whose hobby was hunting, ran to save the hawk quickly. However, the hawk lost its life despite the attempts of Keskin who tried to survive the bird.
Being very upset by the death of the hawk, Ramazan Keskin explained he saw the hitting moment and these kinds of birds of prey were rarely seen in nature. Keskin said he tried to do everything to survive the hawk and added, “It was really a shame. It hit by the window while it was chasing after the sparrow. I ran here and brought it to the shop thinking I might survive it. I gave it a cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Unfortunately it died immediately because of the impact on its brain. We hunters want to survive these birds of prey. It was a beautiful hawk with 50 cm wing wide and 25 cm tall. I am very sorry.”
Mehmet Cam, one of the eyewitnesses, said, “I saw the bird chasing after a flying sparrow while I was coming to work. The sparrow just disappeared. At that moment, the hawk hit by the window. The vet was called but the bird had already died.”

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