He Donates his Kidney to His Wife of 51 Years

25th, 2016
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Hüseyin Sargılı (68), has donated his kidney to his wife, Mühide Sargılı. The couple had married 51 years ago reciting wedding vows “in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health.”

Hüseyin Sargılı opened the doors to the second life for his wife and said, “It has been half a century and we are together. I cannot live without her. God gave me two kidneys; I gave her one of them. We will spend the rest of our lives together. This is the greatest happiness.”

Mühide Sargılı (68), the mother of 4, grandmother of 6 and great grandmother of 2 children, went to hospital for various reasons and complaints of dizziness, exhaustion and fever. She found out at Antalya State Hospital that her kidneys were too small. She was told that there was a risk of renal failure and started dialysis treatment on May 2006. Having felt exhausted by this difficult and never-ending process, she applied to natural methods and stopped receiving dialysis treatment. However, the doctors decided an urgent haemodialysis to be applied and transplant operation to be made at the end of this process.

Hüseyin Sargılı said, “I wanted to donate my kidney to her willingly” and came to a private hospital for transplant in İzmir. Following the examinations, he matched as the right donor for his wife. The couple, who left half a century behind in their weddings on November 10, had the operation for transplant side by side. The operation went very successful. Later, the couple was discharged from the hospital together.

Mühide Sargılı said, ”My husband gave me a second life. I could not stand one more dialysis. I appreciate my husband and doctors.”

Hüseyin and Mühide Sargılı had married on 7 March 1964 reciting the vows “in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health.” Hüseyin Sargılı gave his wife of 51 years his kidney without any hesitation.

He said, “We are a big and happy family with our children, brides, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mühide is my partner for life for 50 years. I did not want to see her on dialysis again. I said I would give my kidney if I was the right donor. Everything went well and we had the transplant. God gave me two kidneys and I gave my wife one of them. I cannot live without her. We will be happy and healthy for the rest of our lives. We are doing whatever we want now. Everything is going well. We appreciate our doctors very much.”


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